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Bella Protocol - One-Click Crypto Banking for Everyone

To be determined
Session Supply
5,000,000 BEL
Allocation per winning ticket
0.75 USD ≈ 1 BEL

Lottery Timeline

  • 01 Preparation Period
  • 02 Ticket Claim
  • 03 Lottery Draw
  • 04Announce Results
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Lottery Draw Period -Binance is currently conducting the Lottery Draw. Please ensure you have sufficient BNB in your account.
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Bella Protocol - One-Click Crypto Banking for Everyone

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Project Introduction

The Bella Protocol offers a suite of DeFi products for streamlined crypto-banking experience. The core concept of Bella’s product design is 1-Click. Bella provides automated services, subsidizes gas fees, and caters to both new and experienced users either on-chain or via Bella’s custodian service.

With Bella, users can save gas fees and time and enjoy high yields from sophisticated strategies. The current product lineups include Bella Liquidity Mining, Flex Savings, One-Click Portal, and Lending.

Project Highlights

Hybrid Finance: Bella is both DeFi and CeFi. In addition to yield farming strategies via smart contract, Bella provides custodian services for inexperienced users as a DeFi gateway and shows all on-chain activities to users for transparency purposes. Bella can be easily integrated with CEXs or other platforms for yield farming infrastructure and commission rebates.

Subsidized gas fee: Bella One-Click portal subsidizes 100% of gas fee during the initial stage of product launch. In future, gas fees will be charged by the token that they deposit. $BEL holders will also have special discounts.

Streamlined Experience: Brings familiar mobile banking experiences into the DeFi space. 1 click is all that’s needed, with no waiting for approvals or copy & pasting token addresses.

Diversification of Strategies: Bella will diversify user funds based on their risk appetite ie. conservative / balanced / aggressive, and allocate their funds into different yield farming strategies. For example, the USDT Balanced strategy comprises 40% COMP farming, 40% CRV farming and 20% newer protocols.

Experienced Team: Bella’s core team consists of serial entrepreneurs and blockchain veterans who have extended experience and a proven track record in finance, cryptography, blockchain, and engineering.

Sustainable Token Use Cases: BEL stakers and voters will be able to enjoy profit sharing, fee discount, staking rewards, and voting power in the Bella ecosystem.

BEL Token Economics
Launchpool Allocation5,000,000 BEL (5% of Total Token Supply)
Total Token Supply100,000,000 BEL
Initial Circulating Supply13.25% of Total Token Supply
Launchpool Vesting PeriodNo lockup
Private Sale Allocation6% of Total Token Supply
Private Sale Vesting Period1/4 quarterly release over a year starting one month after listing on
Token TypeERC20

Time Until Lottery Results