Token Sale Format:Lottery

Bonus for New Users - Trade and Win up to 100 BNBAnnounce Lottery Winners

Binance will conduct a new “Trade and Win 100 BNB” activity exclusive to new users.

Number of winners
Total award pool
3000 BNB
Lottery award
1 BNB or 100 BNB

Lottery Timeline

  • 01 How to earn a ticket
  • 02 Ticket claim
  • 03 Lottery Draw
  • 04Result
Result - If you win the lottery draw the BNB will be distributed to your account within 24 hours. After that you can directly trade the BNB.
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Event Details

Binance will conduct a new “Trade and Win 100 BNB” activity exclusive to new users. Below are further details:

2019/11/6 06:00 AM to 2019/11/17 06:00 AM (UTC)

Prizes: The total prize pool is 3,000 BNB. The prize pool distribution breakdown is as follows: 3 Grand prize winners will receive 100 BNB each! An additional 2,700 lucky winners will receive 1 BNB each.

Activity process:

1. Register and trade for the chance to win up to 100 BNB

  • From 2019/11/6 06:00 AM to 2019/11/17 06:00 AM (UTC), users who register a new Binance account and make valid trade can get a chance to win BNB.

2. Ticket claim

  • From 2019/11/17 06:00 AM - 2019/11/18 06:00 AM (UTC), all users that meet the conditions can claim the lottery ticket.

3. Lottery draw

  • The lottery draw to select the 2,700x 1 BNB lucky winners will be conducted from 2019/11/18 06:00 am - 2019/11/18 08:00 am (UTC).

4. Announcement of results

  • Results of the lottery draw will be announced at 2019/11/18 08:00 AM(UTC).
  • BNB prizes will be distributed within 24 hours after the competition ends. Binance Will conduct a YouTube live stream within 72h to draw the 3x 100 BNB Grand Prize winners. The exact time of the live stream will be announced on the day via Binance social media accounts. You will be able to log in and see your rewards via Account Center > wallet > Distribution History.

Overall Lottery Results

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