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Cartesi - BNB SessionCompleted

Cartesi - The Operating System for DApps

1 CTSI = 0.00097911 BNB
Session Supply
100,000,000 CTSI
Allocation per winning ticket
200 USD ≈ 13333.33 CTSI

Lottery Timeline

  • 01 Preparation Period
  • 02 Ticket Claim
  • 03 Lottery Draw
  • 04Announce Results
Notice For Winning Tickets - If you have a winning ticket Binance will deduct the respective BNB from your account.
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Cartesi - The Operating System for DApps

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Project Introduction

Cartesi is building an operating system for dApps. The project enables complex and intensive computations run in a Linux environment, outside the blockchain, without compromising decentralization. Cartesi aims to make dApps significantly more powerful, cost-effective, easier to develop, and portable. The goal is to bring mainstream productivity to developers and a satisfying experience for users.

Key Features and Highlights

Scalability: Intensive computations on massive amounts of data are performed off-chain with the same security guarantees offered by the blockchain;

Programmability: dApp logic runs under Linux, with a choice of thousands of open-source software components to mix and match;

Ease of Adoption: Developers can work in a familiar environment with no artificial limitations and with access to all their favorite tools;

Decentralization: Consensus is securely reached on-chain with no need for reputation protocol, Trusted Execution Environment, or central servers on the cloud;

Portability: Cartesi aims to make dApps portable across the most important public blockchains that support smart contracts;

CTSI Token Sale and Economics
Launchpad Hard Cap1,500,000 USD
Total Token Supply1,000,000,000 CTSI
Initial Circulating Supply19.27% of Total Token Supply
Public Sale Token Price0.015 USD (price in BNB will be determined prior to the lottery draw date)
Launchpad Allocation100,000,000 CTSI (10% of Total Token Supply)
Max Number of Winning Lottery Tickets7500
Allocation Per Winning Ticket200 USD (13,333.33 CTSI)
Public Sale Vesting PeriodNo lockup
Seed Sale Token Price1 CTSI = 0.005 USD
Seed Sale AllocationFoundation
Seed Sale Vesting Period12 month cliff; 14.3% unlocks every quarter afterwards
Private Sale Token Price1 CTSI = 0.01 USD
Private Sale Allocation5% of Total Token Supply
Private Sale Vesting Period12-month cliff; 11.1% unlocks every quarter afterwards
Strategic Sale Token Price 1 CTSI = 0.03 USD
Strategic Sale Allocation0.67% of Total Token Supply
Strategic Sale Vesting Period25% unlocks every 4 months
Token TypeERC20
Token DistributionWithin 15 days after end of token sale
  • Launchpad Sale10%
    Launchpad Sale
  • Seed Sale2%
    Seed Sale
  • Private Sale5%
    Private Sale
  • Strategic Sale0.67%
    Strategic Sale
  • Team15%
  • Advisors2.11%
  • Foundation40.22%
  • Mining Reserve25%
    Mining Reserve

Overall Lottery Results

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