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Wing - A Credit-based, Cross-chain DeFi Platform

Session Supply
130,000 WING
Allocation per winning ticket
1 USD ≈ 1 WING

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  • 03 Lottery Draw
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Wing Finance - A Credit-based, Cross-chain DeFi Platform

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Project Introduction

Wing is a credit-based, cross-chain DeFi lending platform.

Wing has designed and is building a platform dedicated to the digital asset lending market, supporting cross-chain collaborative interaction between various DeFi products. Wing's decentralized governance model and risk control mechanism aim to promote a mutually beneficial relationship between borrowers, creditors, and guarantors. In addition, Wing innovatively showcases a credit evaluation module as a strong example of credit-based decentralized lending.

Project Highlights

Flash Pool (Lending, Borrowing and Insurance): The first lending product on Wing, supporting mainstream assets lending and innovatively introduces Insurance Pool to lower assets risks. Users can earn WING rewards in Flash Pool by lending, loaning and depositing to the Insurance Pool. It currently supports assets including but not limited to ONT, ETH, wBTC, USDT, and DAI, and will support more assets in the future.

Credit Lending: Next, Wing will launch the IF Pool, which is a credit-based lending product where users with an OScore can deposit assets which value is 80% or higher than that of the assets borrowed.

Community Proposals: Wing DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization where community members are encouraged to spontaneously put forward proposals for decentralized financial services. The community has the power to make independent decisions on product launches based on community participation and is autonomous in product application rules such as interest rate adjustment and the termination and cancellation of products.

WING Token Economics
Launchpool Allocation130,000 WING (6.5% of Total Token Supply)
Total Token Supply2,000,000 WING
Initial Circulating Supply18.46% of Total Token Supply
Max Token Supply10,000,000 WING
Launchpool Vesting PeriodNo lockup
Private Sale Token PriceNo Private Sale
Token TypeOEP4 (Ontology)

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