Matic - BNB Session

PriceTo be determined
Ticket Claim Start Time :
Session Supply1,900,000,000 MATIC
Session TypeLottery
Requirements for participating in this token sale
All users must complete identity verification to meet the requirements of this project
Users from the following jurisdictions will not be able to participate in this token sale:
Afghanistan,Albania,Belarus,Bosnia & Herzegovina,Burundi,Cambodia,Canada,Central African Republic,Cote dIvoire,Cuba,Democratic Republic of the Congo,Ethiopia,Guinea,Guinea-Bissau,Iran,Iraq,Kosovo,Kyrgyzstan,Laos,Lebanon,Liberia,Libya,Mainland China,Malawi,Malaysia,Mali,Mozambique,Myanmar (Burma),New Zealand,North Korea,Republic of Macedonia (FYROM),Serbia,Somalia,South Sudan,Sri Lanka,Sudan,Syria,Tanzania,Thailand,Timor-Leste (East Timor),Trinidad & Tobago,Tunisia,Turkmenistan,Uganda,United States of America (USA),Uzbekistan,Venezuela,Yemen,Zimbabwe
Project Introduction

Matic Network is a Layer 2 scaling solution that achieves scale by utilizing sidechains for off-chain computation, while ensuring asset security using the Plasma framework and a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators. Matic aims to be the de-facto platform on which developers will deploy and run decentralized applications. Matic Network has been a significant contributor to the Ethereum ecosystem having worked on implementations of Plasma MVP (Minimum Viable Plasma), WalletConnect protocol and the popular Ethereum event notification engine - Dagger.

Key Features
  • Scalability: Fast, low-cost and secure transactions on Matic sidechains with finality achieved on mainchain and Ethereum as the first compatible Layer 1 basechain
  • High Throughput: Achieved up to 10,000 TPS on a single sidechain on internal testnet; Multiple chains to be added for horizontal scaling
  • User Experience: Smooth UX and developer abstraction from mainchain to Matic chain; Native mobile apps and SDK with WalletConnect support
  • Security: Matic chain operators are themselves stakers in the PoS system
  • Public Sidechains : Matic sidechains are public in nature (vs. individual DApp chains), permissionless and capable of supporting multiple protocols
MATIC Token Sale and Economics
Launchpad Hard Cap5,000,000 USD
Total Token Supply10,000,000,000 MATIC
Initial Circulating Supply32.3% of Total Token Supply
Public Sale Token Price0.00263 USD (price in BNB will be determined 1 day prior to the lottery date)
Launchpad Allocation1,900,000,000 MATIC (19% of Total Token Supply)
Max Number of Winning Lottery Tickets16,666
Allocation Per Winning Ticket300 USD (114,004.56 MATIC)
Public Sale Vesting PeriodNo lockup
Private Sale Token Price 1 MATIC = 0.00263 USD
Private Sale Allocation1.7% of Total Token Supply
Private Sale Vesting Period50% unlocked in the first month of TGE, remaining 50% unlocked in the seventh month
Seed Sale Token Price 1 MATIC = 0.00079 USD
Seed Sale Allocation2.09% of Total Token Supply
Seed Sale Vesting Period50% unlocked in the first month of TGE, remaining 50% unlocked in the seventh month
Token TypeERC-20
Token Distribution Within 15 days after end of token sale
  • Ecosystem23.3%
  • Foundation 22%
  • Launchpad Sale19%
    Launchpad Sale
  • Team16%
  • Staking Rewards12%
    Staking Rewards
  • Advisor4%
  • Seed Round2%
    Seed Round
  • Private Round1.7%
    Private Round