Beta Finance
Beta Finance
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A permissionless money market for lending, borrowing, and short selling crypto
BETA Research Report
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Sale Price
1 BETA = 0.00013828 BNB
Tokens Offered
50,000,000.0000 BETA
Single Initial Investment
0.1 BNB
Hard cap per user
333333 BETA = 46.0932 BNB (≈ 15156 USD)
Subscription Timeline
Launchpad History
BNB Holding Calculation Period
2021-09-30 00:00
Subscription Period
2021-10-08 06:00
Calculation Period
2021-10-08 10:00
Final Token Distribution
2021-10-08 11:00
The allocation calculation is complete. We will deduct the corresponding BNB from your account based on your final BETA allocation, which will be transferred to your
spot account
along with your remaining BNB.
Launchpad History
Beta Finance - A permissionless money market for lending, borrowing, and short selling crypto
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Project Introduction
Beta Finance is a cross-chain permissionless money market protocol for lending, borrowing, and shorting crypto. Beta Finance has created a simple, integrated "1-Click" short that enables DeFi natives to take the opposite side of a trade and counter volatility, as well as has enabled anyone, anywhere, anytime to create money markets for a token automatically, unlocking new asset utilization.
With a heavy focus on providing a seamless, integrated user experience, Beta Finance is a good place in DeFi to initiate, manage, and close short positions. Lenders are able to lend out any token, creating the market permissionlessly if it is yet to exist, and start earning yield on their positions. Traders are able to pay a premium to execute short trades and hedging strategies.
Beta Finance’s mission is to facilitate greater stability for the long-term, mainstream adoption of DeFi by individuals and institutions through building critical DeFi tooling and infrastructure.
The native utility token of Beta Finance (BETA) is designed to be used to enhance and upgrade the platform. The current and planned use cases include staking incentives, governance and liquidity mining.
Key Features and Highlights
"1 Click" Short Tool: Beta Finance provides a simple, integrated tool for allowing DeFi users to short sell in an atomic transaction. Users are able to view relevant metrics (price impact, slippage, etc.) directly on the interface, and easily manage and update their positions on their dashboard.
Permissionless money markets: Beta Finance allows users to create a money market for any ERC20 token automatically. Anything from fractionalized NFTs to mature tokens can be listed on Beta Finance.
Isolated Collateral Model: To support volatile assets, Beta Finance introduces an isolated collateral model where users are only liable for the collateral explicitly associated with a position.
User-friendly: The Beta Finance dApp has a heavy focus on user experience and provides a beautiful design for a clean, friendly, and informative experience that is useful for new and veteran DeFi users.
Optimized transactions: Beta Finance by default calculates the most optimal trade across all integrated DEX exchanges when initiating a short position.
BETA Token Sale and Economics
Hard Cap
3,000,000 USD
Total Token Supply
1,000,000,000 BETA
Initial Circulating Supply
16% of Total Token Supply
Public Sale Token Price
0.06 USD (price in BNB will be determined prior to the start of subscription)
Tokens Offered
50,000,000 BETA
Hard Cap Per User
20,000 USD (price in BNB will be determined prior to the start of subscription)
Token Sale Vesting Period
No lockup
Token Type
BEP20, ERC20
Token Distribution
After the end of token sale